My Character Origins


Snowdrift was a scientist investigating the effects that extreme temperature would have on a experimental combat suit that was being developed for the American Government. It was to be used in various climates and conditions, including extreme heat and cold; aswell as under water use and use in the air with a built in jetpack. The exobytes were released into the air while he was testing the suit in extreme cold, which seemingly gave him the ability to manipulate cold air and water. Snowdrift is bound within this battle armour, and appears to show no normal signs of life, having no detectable pulse or a need to breathe, eat or drink. It is undetermined whether Snowdrift still exists beneath the armour or whether his body has became one with it.

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Edward Geizt was a paranormal investigator before being altered by the exobytes. He was often requested to do readings after murders had occured in the Metropolis area. Learning of the various ways these often innocent people had, had their lives taken from them by murderous villains really took its toll on Edward. The exobytes gave him the ability to use his mind to his advantage, being able to create illusions, read minds and even gave him a stronger ability to commune with spirits. Edward decided he was going to fight for the Heroes cause in the war with Brainiac, to attempt to serve justice to the villains that caused all these atrocities. He took upon the alias of Poltergeizt due to his connection with spirits and his ability to telekinetically move objects, aswell as using his surname in place of geist.

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Catsiel is a form of Angel that was tasked to keep a karmic balance, and has successfully done for millenia, never needing to directly force any changes, instead subtley suggesting directions for things to play out. The exobytes have had little effect on him and his powers but the chaos they created has tipped the balance, the status quo, which has forced Catsiel to choose an alliance in order to firmly keep things in order.

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