My Character Origins


Tom Leone was a normal Science student at Metropolis University when he came into contact with Brainiac's exobytes. They appeared to have no effect on him, but as time passed his skin started to discolour and his hair begun to acquire a texture not unlike rubber. Within hours after noticing the effects he was completely green and his veins had turned a brown colour. It was apparent his body chemistry had changed to replicate a Plant-like material. He started to notice other changes mentally and physically; he was stronger, more agile and he felt an affinity with the worlds flora and fauna. As a typical scientist- rather than reporting these effects he studied them, discovering he could control plants and even shapeshift into various animal forms. Choosing an allegiance was easy for Tom, and made even easier after the attack on the University.

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Disorientated and confused Corey Striker awoke, buried under piles of charred rubble. It took him a moment to collect his thoughts and recall how he ended up in this situation. A group of Joker thugs had broke into his parents house, where he was having his lunch. The thugs beat up his parents and forced them to breathe in a toxin. They dragged his parents out of the house, as two of the thugs held Corey in place. Corey's rage grew and grew, when he felt a change in himself, his eyes begun to glow and his body burst into flames, decimating the building and burning the two thugs alive.

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Our Legion

David Aym's infection by the exobyte started off as a blessing but quickly became a curse of the worst kind. His muscles grew to a hulking size and he gained super human strength. With these gifts David planned to fight along side his Hero, Superman. What he didn't know was that several powerful Demonic entities had grouped together and were searching for a host to allow them to pass over into the regular Earth realm. A simple human body would deteriorate too rapidly with the power of these Demons possessing it but when David gained his super human strength the Demons saw a chance to pass into this realm, and they took it. Calling themselves Our Legion, or simply "Legion" they now fight along side Lex since he said he could modify Davids body to last indefinately with them inside.

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